Monday, October 26, 2009

Foreclosures by State - Are Things Really Improving?

The Associated Press has released a great interactive map that charts the home foreclosure rate in all 50 states, every month from July 2005 until Sept. 2009. Take a look here.

In looking at this, it makes me question all of the media and hype that keep saying things are back on the upswing. Really? As far as Seattle goes, I feel like we have some specific neighborhoods and price points that are doing well, some multiple offer situations even, but overall I still think we have a long ways to go to be truly "recovered". Although if you look at the breakdown by "city" for Sept. '09, Seattle is faring much better than other major cities at 1 foreclosure for every 799 homes. Vegas on the other hand is 1 in 50, and the median average is 1 in 595 homes for the cities listed.

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