Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Viaduct Earthquake Simulation

I find the timing of the release of this video to be a bit questionable. With just a week to go before we go to the polls to cast our votes for Seattle's new mayor, this video might be accused of being political propaganda since the two candidates differ greatly on the big decision of rebuilding the viaduct or replacing it with a massive tunnel.

The general public may also be a bit misled since this video shows a good portion of downtown completely unscathed by such a massive earthquake (with the exception of a few broken windows), which we should all know wouldn't be the exact outcome. I realize the point of the video is to simulate what would happen to the seawall and the viaduct, but if you're not going to accurately depict what would happen to other buildings and areas of downtown that are built on top of "fill", then perhaps they should be left out of the video all together?

I also wonder...how would the proposed tunnel fare in such a quake?

Either way, not something us Seattlelites like to think about! Especially since most of us do NOT have any earthquake insurance! :)

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